Coastal Cabin

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This 6m x 6m x 6m cabin is hidden away in a clearing in the West Coast Nikau forest, close to the wild coastline of the Tasman sea. The clients have owned and tended the land for several years, developing an intimate understanding of the site, its surrounding environment, the bush, the climate and the furred and feathered inhabitants. The house has been designed to capture the spirit of this West Coast living and an adventure in a small box. 


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NZIA Awards Jury.

Hidden away in the domain of nīkau palms and tree ferns, This cabin is emblematic of the adventure and rugged spirit of the West Coast. The cabin makes only a small spatial encroachment into the dense bush, but inside volume trumps footprint, with clever voids amplifying the sense of space, and carefully placed windows and doors capturing the ever-changing moods of the forest.’

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