Two Small Homes

01 Plans

The owner of this property lives in a house which has never been maintained, it is falling to bits, and he has deliberated over the decision for some time to either refurbish the building or replace it with a new home altogether. He has asked for a clean, light, warm, spacious and modern home, and also the opportunity to add a second home if needed for extended family. The beginning of this project has been all about helping the owner make clear and well informed decisions on how to best proceed with a modest project cost in mind.

02 Floor Plans

The land is densely planted and sloping. These two new homes have been planned to replace the existing building. They have been carefully located around the existing vegetation which provides shelter from weather and a total separation between neighbouring properties. Each building is oriented for sunlight, privacy between themselves and for views through the trees out over the city below. A landscape wall is to be built for each house to establish a sense of place on the land, and provide an economic means of providing level outdoor living spaces. Each stained timber and glass home sits on top of their own landscape wall with front decks cantilevering out over the site below.

12 Perspective

13 Perspective