Whare Moe – Sleeping House

01 PD-Plan

This new Whare Moe for the local community is a unique and sacred building for holding special events, meetings and valued treasures. The yet un-named building will be decorated so that its presence and status will be obvious and to record and symbolise the communities history, stories, dreams and aspirations. This is a simple 120 square metre structure. This project is currently in it early design stages and will developed further in the coming months.

02 PD-Elevation

04 PD-Elevation

The Whare is in a rural landscape, and has been positioned to sit amongst a number of established trees each of which hold a particular meaning to the community. It is lifted up above the surrounding vegetation, and located along the edge of the original stream bed which ran through the property many years ago. The Whare is to be constructed from light timber framing, long-run steel, with exposed interior lining and timberwork.

10 PD-Site Photo

11 PD-Site Photo

12 PD - Site Photo

Ana presents the new Whare Moe Building at the Te Waka Iti Waitangi Day celebrations.

14 PD-Site Photo

Our apprentice steps out the building perimeter on site and gives an indication of its overall height.